As a New Englander, I know that winter is a season you must prepare for. There are so many aspects of our life that are effected during the winter, but nothing is more important than preparing your home. In the months leading up to and throughout your winter in New England I have a few tips to help prevent damage and extend the lifespan of your roof.

1.) This tip may only extend your lifetime (not your roofs) but it is definitely extremely important. Don’t go on your roof during the winter. Your roof is most likely the most dangerous part of your home. Only professionals with proper safety equipment should be working on your roof, especially during the winter. 

2.) Chimney Flashing: There are a lot of old chimneys in New England. Many of these chimneys have well exceeded their lifespan and need a little TLC. Re-pointing your chimney and replacing any old lead counter flashing is a relatively inexpensive insurance policy to take out before winter. During the winter months, snow and ice tend to accumulate at this junction and cause issues. That is why we install brand new lead counter flashing to all of our customers roofs.

3.) Ventilation: Making sure your roof is properly insulated and ventilated is very important in the prevention of ice dams this winter. 

4.) Roof Rake: If new ventilation or a new roof system is not in the budget for this year, try using a roof rake. Although it is much more labor intensive it is a pretty inexpensive solution for some homes/homeowners. If done correctly, proper roof raking should extend the lifespan of your roof and may buy you a year or two more to save before you need a full roof system replacement.

All in all, Winter is coming! If you need a new roof or any work needs to be done to your roof this winter (including snow removal) we can help you! Call today to schedule a free consultation.